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5 Valentine’s Day Date Ideas for You and Your Pet

Valentine’s Day is fast approaching and who better to spend it with than your precious pet? Spending one-on-one time with your pets is not only fun but it also provides numerous benefits such as stress and anxiety reduction.

Not sure how to have a perfect pet date? Here are five pawtastic date ideas!

1) Hiking Date

There’s no better date than a long stroll with your furry best friend. Hit up a new trail, or stick to a familiar route, either way it’s the perfect way to get in some exercise while spending time with your beloved pup. Don’t have a dog? Don’t worry you can bring your cat along by either training them to walk on a leash or having them in a backpack carrier!

2) Where’s the Pawty?

Plan a party! Yes that’s right, invite your friends and their furry best friends and celebrate the day of love together! As the motto goes – the more the merrier.

3) Have a BALL!

Most pups love playing fetch, so why not have a fetch date night? Playing with your dog is a stress relieve and your pup will have a ball! Its also a great opportunity to practice obedience training.

4) Netflix and Snuggle

Spend the day snuggling and watching your favorite shows. Get a big cozy blanket, some snacks and spend some quality down time with your pets.

5) Did someone say Puppucino?

Do you love Starbucks? Your dog probably will too! What better way to celebrate your love than a car ride to Starbucks! Grab yourself a latte and your pup a puppucino! Not into Starbucks? No worries, most coffee shops have drool worthy snacks for our furry friends. Inquire with your local coffee shops.

Are you spending Valentine’s Day with your pets? If so, let us know what you have planned!

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