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An Owner’s Guide to Doggy Apparel

Have you ever been tempted to dress your pup up in a cute outfit? You are not alone! Canine couture is bigger than it’s ever been. You may be tempted to dress your pooch up like a supermodel but it’s important to ensure that they are happy while strutting down the catwalk! Don’t Go Overboard

Some dogs ABSOLUTELY love dressing up, while others don’t take to fashion with very well. If your dog has never worn a bandana let alone a sweater then it’s very likely to be a confusing and stressful experience for them. In order to create a positive association with doggy apparel, it’s important to start slow and small. To alleviate the stress, start off with something small like a bow, a tie or a bandana for short periods of time. Once your pup is comfortable and accustomed to wearing a small item, you can move on to other pieces of clothing such as sweaters and coats. Start Off Slow Some dogs are very wary of new things and could become fearful of clothing items if they are not introduced properly. Before you start just throwing clothing items in your pooch, make sure that they are used them first. Consider leaving the clothing articles out for them to sniff. Give your pup some yummy treats while holding the clothing piece up for them. It’s not a race, it’s a marathon. Comfort is Key We cannot stress enough the importance of comfort when it comes to dressing your pup up in a fancy outfit. If you want a happy trendsetter dog, you need to make sure that the clothing fits just right. It’s imperative to ensure that the clothes is not too tight or too loose and that it isn’t rubbing otherwise you’ll end up with more problems than anything. Be sure to check out the measurement charts of each piece of clothing to assure the perfect fit! Supervise! Finally, the most important step is to ensure that you supervise your pooch while they are dressed up. Leaving your pup unattended you be very dangerous – they could end up getting caught on something or tangled up. Watch out for signs of stress and discomfort such as heavy panting, tail tucking and biting at the clothing. Never keep your dog in clothing if they are clearly uncomfortable. It’s important to remember that you’re dressing up your dog, not yourself. You may think that they look super cute but be mindful of how they feel about the clothing that you’re putting on them. Do you dress your dog up in cute outfits?

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