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Dog Friendly Halloween Treats! DIY Treats for Your Furry Friends.

With Halloween just around the corner, it’s time to start preparing some yummy spook-tactical treats. But Halloween doesn’t mean that just the furless kiddos get special treats, what about our furry kids?

Of course, we all know that chips, candy bars and chocolate are harmful for our pets. Luckly, making dog friendly homemade spooky treats is super easy!

Check out these 3 Halloween dog treats that are scary good.


1. Devour these SpookyPumpkin Spice Cookies

These spooky pumpkin spice gluten free treats will keep your dog‘s tail wagging! Get the recipe here.


2. Gulp Down These Eery Bat Cookies

Your pooch will howl for these banana coconut ghost cookies. See the full recipe here.


3. Throw ‘Em A Bone Dog Treats

Dogs go crazy for peanut butter! Bonus these treats also contains pumpkin, a superfood for your pups digestive system. The Cottage Market nailed this mummy bone recipe. See it here!


Do you have any drool worthy pet friendly Halloween treats? Let us know your favs in the comments!

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