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Fun Winter Activities to do with your Dog

As the winter months approach, our pets start to spend less time outside and more time inside. If you live in the colder climates, as we do here in Canada where the temps will stay below -30 for several days causing your pets to become stir crazy. Hey! don’t worry, there are plenty of fun winter activities that you and your pets can enjoy, even on those extremely cold days. We have compiled a list of fun winter activities for you and your dog! Snuffle Mats and Puzzles Fun dog fact! 20 minutes of mental stimulation equals hours of physical activity! Snuffle mats and puzzles get the work done quick and cheap! Some of you may be wondering what in the world is a snuffle mat? To put it simple, snuffle mats are essentially an oversized mat that is made of several strips of fabric (most commonly used is fleece or felt) that are tied together. These strips of fabric allow you to hide pieces of kibble or treats that your pet sniffs out. Snuffle mats and puzzles will provide your dog with endless hours of foraging for treats! Check out our selection of snuffle mats and puzzles to beat boredom on those cold winter days!

Indoor Training Activities All dogs of all life stages require training; therefore why not incorporate some fun indoor training activities when it’s too cold to get outside. Don’t cringe – dog training does not need to be boring. Once you’ve brushed up on the basics like sit and stay, spice it up a little bit with some new tricks such as bark on command or shake a paw. Dog training is essential in order to have a well trained dog but it can also be used as a fun activity that keeps your dog stimulated during the winter months.

Winter Hikes What dog doesn’t enjoy a nice hike? Short winter hikes can be a great activity to do with your dog. Most cities have detailed hiking maps that can help you choose the perfect trail for you and your pup. Bonus – you can capture some great photos after a fresh snowfall. It’s important that when finding a hiking spot that you are aware of any waterways such as swamps and rivers that can pose a danger.

Hide and Seek Hide and Seek is one of our favorite games to play during the cold winter months. We play it a little different from our human counterparts. We have our dog in a sit-stay position while we hide treats all over the house (in obvious locations). We then have our dog find all the treats! Our dog loves to play this game for hours! Not only is it mentally stimulating, it also encourages dogs to use their nose to find the treats. Snowball Fights In the winter, we ditch those dirty tennis balls and replace them with snowballs! If you live where it snows, one great way to have fun in the winter is to have snowball fights. Most dogs love catching snowballs and eating them! Before heading out, make sure that your dog is protected from the cold by wearing appropriate winter apparel such as boots, sweater and coats. We have a great selection of winter dog apparel – check it out here!

In sum, the winter months do not have to be boring; there are many great activities to keep everyone entertained! How do you keep your dog’s busy during the winter? We would love to hear from you! Let us know is the comments.

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