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Fall Pet Photography: How to Capture studio perfect photos.

We know all too well how hard it can be to take a good picture of our pets. Especially, if you have a pet like mine, who looks away from the camera as soon as it comes out. Here are some great tips for taking high quality photos of your pets - kind of like the professionals do.

Get down to their level

Photos of pets are much more flattering when taking from their eye level. If your pet is small enough. Perch them on an elevated surface, you can try using platforms, chairs or ottomans. However, if you have a 140 lbs dog, as I do, you’ll have to do the dirty work and get down on the floor to capture that perfect angle.

Get Creative and Playful

The best shots are often the spontaneous ones. Have your dog play in a pile of leaves and snap multiple shots. You can even set your camera on a timer and get in there with your dog. Have some fun!

Please No Flash

The right light makes a significant difference in how fall colors look in your photos. In order to avoid washed-out pictures, have your photoshoot in the mornings or evenings, on overcast days or in the shade on sunny days. Warm natural light is the most flattering. So open those curtains and let the light in!

Treats and Toys are Necessary

Using your pet’s favorite toy or treat can help getting them into position. They are also very helpful to get their attention. I like to hold my pooch’s favorite treat over the camera – it keeps her focused and most of the time we get a great shot!

Safety First

When venturing out to public places, always consider your pet’s safety during your photoshoot. If your pet must remain leashed, get fancy by choosing a fall themed collar and/or leash. Dress them up in a fun costume or use some fall props but make sure their safety always comes first.

Great Things Come Out of Patience

The most important fall pet photography tip is to have patience and have fun! Being frustrated while taking photos isn’t going to get you that candid shot! Pets are very sensitive to their owner’s emotions. So relax, be patient and have a blast!

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